Definition of broad money in English:

broad money


mass nounEconomics
  • Money in any form including bank or other deposits as well as notes and coins.

    • ‘Year-to-date, broad money is up $462 billion, or 6.5% annualized.’
    • ‘Indeed, broad money grew by more than $600 billion in 1998, fully 35% greater than in 1997.’
    • ‘This is clear by looking at the ratio (in percent) of broad money, which includes currency in circulation and bank deposits, to GDP.’
    • ‘During the next three years, broad money has surged a staggering $1.736 trillion, or at an annualized rate of $579 billion.’
    • ‘And just as we must look to broad money as an indicator of the degree of Credit expansion, we must think broadly when it comes to inflation as well.’