Definition of broad bean in English:

broad bean


  • 1A large flat edible green bean that is typically eaten without the pod.

    Also called fava bean in North America
    • ‘So the grilled quail is just as good cooked in the house as on the barbecue; the pasta with broad beans and ricotta is as delicately flavoured when served piping hot as it is when eaten at distinctly garden temperature.’
    • ‘My absolute favourite was a Guinness-rich beef stew with new potatoes and a big bowl of greens, broad beans and red roast peppers, followed by brown-bread ice cream with thick Devon cream.’
    • ‘Broad beans also known as Fava or Italian broad beans, which contain dopamine, are not allowed while the other shelled beans such as lima beans and string beans are permitted.’
    • ‘Then you add whatever vegetables are around - baby spinach, broad beans, peas, asparagus, French beans - it really doesn't matter.’
    • ‘Other produce grown in the UK by Bomford, comprising mainly string beans, broad beans, peas and sprouts, is not handled at Manor Farm but is taken straight from the fields to Orchard Farm.’
    • ‘Youngsters even tried eating traditional Egyptian foods like pomegranates, lettuce and broad beans.’
    • ‘The smell of fresh mint, of a bunch of purslane, the availability of baby aubergines, broad beans or peas makes me want to cook.’
    • ‘Surround with green and broad beans and drizzle with the dressing.’
    • ‘The pale green beans look rather like shelled broad beans.’
    • ‘Serve with peas or small broad beans, drenched in butter.’
    • ‘How about a warm salad of greenshell mussels, hijiki, potatoes, watercress and broad beans; or chorizo, olive, potato, peas and green beans topped with rocket and crispy onion rings?’
    • ‘Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (in particular broad beans, climbing and dwarf beans and peas), wholemeal cereal products, poultry and fish.’
    • ‘Carrots are absolutely great with plenty of melted butter, ditto broad beans, asparagus and mushrooms - though I will accept olive oil and garlic.’
    • ‘They also collected a broad variety of wild herbs, wild vegetables such as acorns, water chestnuts, and broad beans, and possibly wild rice.’
    • ‘They're fava beans, or broad beans as they're sometimes called.’
    • ‘Silky and reassuringly irregular in shape, with blushing interiors, these delicate meat morsels are set like plumped-up cushions on a startling lime-green bed of crushed green peas and broad beans.’
    • ‘Reheat the asparagus and broad beans with a little butter and arrange all the elements on the plate with the tomatoes.’
    • ‘But, after some conversation, we were still not sure the French understood what we meant so, rather than risk being served green beans or broad beans, we decided to take our own.’
    • ‘Drain the broad beans, toss in a little extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper and chives, and scatter over the top.’
    • ‘The salads featured haricot and broad beans as well as couscous, brown rice and a green salad.’
    1. 1.1 The plant that yields broad beans.
      • ‘The backyard was one large veggie patch which had broad beans, garlic chives, cos lettuce, peach tree, three leave weed/vegetable and others we do not know the name of growing.’
      • ‘He officially opened a new polytunnel in the school's garden and helped children to plant gladioli bulbs, tomatoes, runner beans and broad beans.’
      • ‘The list of locally grown vegetables is hardly exciting at the moment (unless you are a swede fancier), but there are some tender broad beans coming in from Italy and some crunchy fennel too.’
      • ‘The new potatoes, broad beans and peas are going nicely, the leeks look good and the corn-on-the-cob has almost ripened.’
      • ‘In summer, it will be overflowing with pink rhubarb, broad beans, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, radishes, red Batavian lettuce and herbs.’


broad bean