Definition of brittlely in English:


(also brittly)


  • See brittle

    • ‘Field observations of brittly deformed granular rock have shown that the extent and magnitude of fault-related damage zone strain is influenced by the distribution of fault slip.’
    • ‘Closed bubbles are likely to open brittlely during transport and from then on pumice clasts can degas in the same manner as the matrix ash, but presumably more slowly due perhaps to their lower permeability.’
    • ‘‘Please, don't call me that,’ he said brittly, ‘That's what my parents always call me… ‘Saoirse glanced up at him, catching the agitated tone in his voice.’’
    • ‘Deformation bands have been referred to by various terminologies in reports of field observations and laboratory experiments of brittly deformed porous rock.’
    • ‘I said no, and she smiled brittlely, before getting on her bike and driving off, the previously mentioned squeaks being heard for a few miles off.’