Definition of brittle bone disease in English:

brittle bone disease


    • ‘Nicky Chapman - who was born with brittle bone disease - will become a member of the House of Lords.’
    • ‘Hormone replacement therapy should no longer be used by doctors as their first choice treatment to prevent women suffering brittle bone disease, government health advisers said today.’
    • ‘His escape is noted by Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson), a dealer in comic book artwork, who suffers from brittle bone disease.’
    • ‘Mark, a former welder has diabetes which has caused him to suffer kidney problems and brittle bone disease and he has begun to lose his sight.’
    • ‘The woman, his patient for 17 years, had heart and vascular problems and brittle bone disease.’
    • ‘The cast is made up of misfits or damaged souls of one form or another, from the elderly painter with brittle bone disease to the frustrated hypochondriac in the coffee shop.’
    • ‘NEW tests on a group of Gulf War veterans showed they were all suffering from brittle bone disease - adding to a staggering list of illnesses they say were caused by exposure to toxins during the conflict.’
    • ‘He says this is because he has been severely crippled with brittle bone disease.’
    • ‘Avid Bradford City fan Hayley Finch, suffers from brittle bone disease which means she is confined to a wheelchair much of the time.’
    • ‘She recalls in particular, a boy with brittle bone disease, and women whose children were born with disabilities and physical defects because of the Thalidomide medication their mothers had taken.’
    • ‘It could also ensure that as few children as possible are put at risk of long-term side effects from their cancer treatment, which can range from heart problems to brittle bone disease.’
    • ‘They believe their children are suffering from undiagnosed cases of brittle bone disease.’
    • ‘Scores of parents are each year at risk of being wrongly accused of child abuse because their babies suffer from brittle bone disease, a Yorkshire expert warned yesterday.’


brittle bone disease