Definition of British overseas territory in English:

British overseas territory


  • A territory that is under the sovereignty of the UK but does not form part of the UK itself, such as Bermuda, Gibraltar, and the Falkland Islands.

    Compare with Crown dependency
    • ‘The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory, but there are some Americans here who vote by absentee ballot.’
    • ‘Why is the European Union footing over 43 percent of the budget for an airport in Montserrat, a British overseas territory?’
    • ‘A British overseas territory, Bermuda has significant autonomy, although the governor still has control of the police, military and aspects of the judiciary.’
    • ‘The abuse was revealed in 1999 and eight men were later convicted during a trial on the British overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Review the key contributions to global biodiversity of British overseas territories and the likely impacts of climate change on these contributions.’
    • ‘It will be the first time a British overseas territory has voted as part of a UK area.’
    • ‘Carty's parents came from the British overseas territory of Anguilla, and she holds a UK dependent territory passport.’
    • ‘The Caymans, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, were pounded by heavy rain and winds over 100 mph.’
    • ‘British overseas territories including the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands have been excluded altogether, meaning they are effectively blacklisted.’
    • ‘Argentina has lodged a hostile claim at the United Nations for 660,000 square miles of the South Atlantic seabed immediately surrounding the Falkland Islands and other British overseas territories.’
    • ‘By implication, all other British overseas territories are not economically sound, or are financially dependent on the UK.’
    • ‘Carty was born on the Caribbean island of St Kitts to parents from the British overseas territory of Anguilla.’
    • ‘When the abolitionists triumphed with the outlawing of the import or export of slaves from British overseas territories, it became clear that it would prove hard to enforce.’
    • ‘He said the British overseas territory's economic development is being held back.’
    • ‘As ever, our sailors stand ready to provide disaster relief at short notice to British overseas territories.’
    • ‘The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British overseas territory situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the south east of The Bahamas.’
    • ‘The other is the list of British overseas territories and crown dependencies.’
    • ‘During the same period, there has been a significant shift towards spending in sub-Saharan Africa and away from eastern Europe, central Asia and British overseas territories.’
    • ‘Bermuda is one of 14 British overseas territories which look to the United Kingdom for foreign policy and security.’
    • ‘Although independence was agreed upon for 1982, the policy was reversed and the islands remain a British overseas territory.’