Definition of bristlebird in English:



  • An Australian songbird with mainly brown plumage, a long cocked tail, a fringe of bristles around the bill, and secretive habits.

    Genus Dasyornis, family Acanthizidae (or Maluridae): two or three species

    • ‘Eastern bristlebirds have short rounded wings and a long tail.’
    • ‘The eastern bristlebird is such a species - elusive, rarely heard and even more rarely seen.’
    • ‘There are three species of bristlebirds in Australia: the Eastern, Rufous and Western Bristlebird.’
    • ‘The removal of bristlebirds over three years from a limited area in the source population had no detectable impact.’
    • ‘Certain species like the bristlebirds have whistling calls that are carried far in order to announce their presence.’