Definition of briskly in English:



  • 1In an active, quick, or energetic way.

    ‘she walked briskly into the building’
    ‘tickets have been selling briskly’
    • ‘Some medieval romances were alive and well and selling briskly well into the 19th century.’
    • ‘With his use of the moving camera paired with visually compatible, we move briskly through the action.’
    • ‘The guard walks away briskly, passing us and not offering so much as a smile.’
    • ‘She zipped up her jacket and briskly made her way across lawns and through alleys.’
    • ‘The kite is lifted by about 20 boys and is carried briskly around the corner to the waiting truck.’
    • ‘He does a good, workmanlike job with this, keeping the plot moving along briskly.’
    • ‘He is a master at briskly paced action movies.’
    • ‘The three boys walked briskly on the sand.’
    • ‘Briskly running up the hillside, it shook its beautiful head and bowed it in respect before dashing off into the woods.’
    • ‘The briskly defined lift of his baton is especially stimulating to the dancers.’
    1. 1.1 In an impatient or brusque way.
      ‘he replied briskly that no one at his school had ever gone truant’
      • ‘The court disposed of the argument briskly.’
      • ‘I was speaking to him the way I would if I were training a dog—firmly, briskly, not cruelly.’
      • ‘Clive briskly led him into the back, pausing at every table just long enough to assure his customers that there was no problem.’
      • ‘"Come on. Now!" she said, briskly.’
      • ‘She deals briskly with the delusion that filling up your diary may give you the feeling that you have life under control.’
      • ‘The moment he finished giving orders, she nodded briskly, impatiently even.’
      • ‘The man was talking briskly now, snapping instructions at me.’
      • ‘When asked whether she has any disagreements Jean, she briskly snaps, "Absolutely not."’
      • ‘It is at once highly entertaining and briskly sobering.’
      • ‘She remains briskly stoic even as the client's petulance escalates.’
    2. 1.2 In a cold but pleasantly invigorating way.
      ‘the wind blew fairly briskly’
      ‘we spent our day swimming in the briskly cold water’
      • ‘The cold wind made the fabric of my tent flap like wet laundry hanging on a clothesline on a briskly windy spring day.’
      • ‘The wind was briskly blowing after a cold front rolled through during the night.’
      • ‘We all sat around on this briskly cold morning to talk.’
      • ‘I rolled down my windows slightly and the briskly cold night air blew in.’
      • ‘The hurricane was two days away, but the wind was already blowing briskly.’