Definition of bring up the rear in English:

bring up the rear


  • 1Be at the very end of a line of people.

    ‘I made the men walk in front while I brought up the rear’
    • ‘The cops cleared the streets in front and brought up the rear, but along the whole enormous length of the demo there wasn't a cop in sight (other than the usual vanloads down side streets).’
    • ‘I brought up the rear as the cloaked man in front of me made his way towards them.’
    • ‘A lone, central defenseman protects the front of the net for his goalie and brings up the rear on the offensive attack.’
    • ‘A line of dusty, panting dogs, yellow and black, brought up the rear.’
    • ‘Two dozen English huntsmen brought up the rear.’
    • ‘Now the Chief Minister goes about escorted by local police personnel, with specially trained security personnel bringing up the rear.’
    • ‘As representatives from practically every regimental association in the city walked behind the gun carriage, the newspaper vendors, many of them disabled ex-servicemen, brought up the rear.’
    • ‘Seán was the first to alight from the car, then came Catriona and I brought up the rear.’
    • ‘One ranger led the tour, and another brought up the rear to catch stragglers.’
    • ‘The army's central brass band brought up the rear.’
    1. 1.1 Come last in a race or other contest.
      ‘the investigation into business failures shows Scotland bringing up the rear’
      • ‘It's well-known that, in the status race, mothers bring up the rear, ranking equally with the disabled and the elderly.’
      • ‘Solis said he felt confident in his mount, in spite of bringing up the rear through much of the race.’
      • ‘India came 2nd, Korea 3rd, while the young Malaysian team, which lost 6 of their 7 matches, brought up the rear.’
      • ‘The Defence Minister was gunning for third and the Sports Minister brought up the rear.’
      • ‘By 1982 then, these were the two superpowers, France always in the reckoning, poor old Ireland bringing up the rear with the Scots.’
      • ‘Greater Manchester had the second worst record among all British city areas in 2000-01, with London bringing up the rear.’
      • ‘England and France are out ahead, Ireland a good third, with the still fledgling Italians bringing up the rear.’
      • ‘Dean has slipped to 9%, with the Connecticut senator and the Ohio congressman bringing up the rear.’
      • ‘Montreal again brought up the rear, this time at $34.2 million.’
      • ‘Latvia, Hungary and Estonia brought up the rear of Mercer's survey, which covered 24 countries.’