Definition of bring something up to code in English:

bring something up to code


North American
  • Renovate or update an old building in line with the latest building regulations.

    ‘the wiring will be brought up to code’
    • ‘He warns that bringing the building up to code would be ‘extravagantly expensive.’’
    • ‘If your older deck was built this way, bring it up to code.’
    • ‘The company then told her that she would have to use its contractors to bring the building up to code.’
    • ‘The gallery, which was formerly a storefront, had to undergo a few building improvements to bring it up to code.’
    • ‘He also said it would cost at least $5000 either to remove the addition or to bring it up to code.’
    • ‘We didn't have to bring the bathrooms up to code and compliance because we didn't change the existing structure; instead, we cosmetically cleaned them up.’
    • ‘You will probably have to bring the home up to code if you undertake a remodeling.’
    • ‘Workers replaced the windows, cleaned the brick and brought the building up to code with ramps and elevators.’
    • ‘Right now, many wood stove manufacturers don't want to invest the $50,000 extra it would take to bring their product up to code.’
    • ‘In 1905, the architect bought the building on Orchard Street and included these improvements when he brought it up to code.’
    renovate, redecorate, refurbish, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, overhaul, make over
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