Definition of bring something to pass in English:

bring something to pass


  • Cause something to happen.

    ‘any man must at some point question whether it is chance or fate that brings things to pass’
    • ‘Only the most crucial subjects brought such occasions to pass.’
    • ‘Some people think that visualizing the moment of achieving a desired goal can actually bring that moment to pass.’
    • ‘The God who promised a new covenant has brought it to pass.’
    • ‘But there was no turning back; his hand had brought the events to pass.’
    • ‘God has used odd people to bring his purposes to pass.’
    result in, cause, bring on, bring about, call forth, give rise to, be the cause of, make happen, create, produce, occasion, effect, engender, generate, contribute to, be conducive to, add to, be instrumental in, have a hand in, have a part in, help, promote, advance
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