Definition of bring something out in English:

bring something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Produce and launch a new product or publication.

    ‘the band are bringing out a video’
    • ‘The tune will be brought out on a CD later in the year.’
    • ‘But the question you need to ask is why this product was brought out at all if the other was such a sure winner.’
    • ‘If consecutive volumes of such publications are not brought out timely, they may lose their importance.’
    • ‘The company built a reputation for itself bringing games out for an established fan base.’
    • ‘Doubtless when we're all old, grey and retired, someone'll dig it all up and bring it out on video.’
    launch, establish, begin, start, found, set up, open, get going, get under way, initiate, instigate, institute, inaugurate, market
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  • 2Make something more evident; emphasize something.

    ‘the shawl brings out the colour of your eyes’
    • ‘Her eyes were like her name, two emeralds and her light green eye shadow brought their beautiful color out.’
    • ‘She was highlighted in the muted glow, bringing her features out in sharp contrasts.’
    • ‘It must have been the dress that brought the colour out.’
    • ‘Lauren had blue eyes anyway and she needed something neutral to bring the color out in them.’
    • ‘She was still pale, and the color of her dress really brought it out.’
    accentuate, call attention to, make evident, highlight, emphasize, give prominence to, underline, accent, foreground, throw into relief
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