Definition of bring something off in English:

bring something off

phrasal verb

  • Achieve something successfully.

    ‘a good omelette is very hard to bring off’
    • ‘It is part of something that they hope they never have to do but they bring it off successfully.’
    • ‘The man actually responsible for bringing the whole thing off isn't even acknowledged on the big screen.’
    • ‘They explain a lot about how shots were put together or what effects were used to bring them off.’
    • ‘It's not the kind of thing one associates with him, but he brings it off triumphantly.’
    • ‘Rostropovich brings this live performance off most impressively.’
    • ‘Now that he's at an age where he can genuinely strike such a pose, he can't quite bring it off.’
    • ‘He brings it off with a skill that you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it.’
    • ‘He might have worked terribly hard to bring it off.’
    • ‘The only thing you're scared of is not being able to bring it off.’
    • ‘They have brought the project off with impeccable artistic taste.’
    achieve, accomplish, bring about, succeed in, pull off, carry off, carry through, manage, carry out
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