Definition of bring something into question in English:

bring something into question


  • Raise an issue for further consideration or discussion.

    ‘technology had brought into question the whole future of work’
    • ‘If you turn 30 acres of chateau vineyards into 150 acres then you are bringing its reputation into question.’
    • ‘In the mid-1970s this theory was brought into question by three separate lines of evidence.’
    • ‘While that move was brought into question by several people, what has finally emerged is worse!’
    • ‘Stunned silence for a few moments and then all hell let loose as my lineage was brought into question by a few ‘concerned’ supporters.’
    • ‘It's not that a community can't exist without a good mix of the rich and poor, but rather what is actually meant by the word community is brought into question.’
    • ‘Massive write downs under the smokescreen of a new CEO will only demonstrate the old guard's failings and bring their tenure into question.’
    • ‘These groups are good at recognizing what is in the nation's best interest, but the process breaks down when actual funding priorities are brought into question.’
    • ‘A number of anti-social activities in recent months have brought the tranquility into question.’
    • ‘Then even the integrity of the final narrator is brought into question by yet another revelation.’
    • ‘If researchers are willing to disseminate misleading claims then their integrity is brought into question.’