Definition of bring something forward in English:

bring something forward

phrasal verb

  • 1Move a meeting or event to an earlier date or time.

    ‘the congress has been brought forward by a year’
    • ‘However, given today's tragic events it may be that that this meeting is brought forward.’
    • ‘Plus, it's brought the release date forward, which is a nice thing.’
    • ‘Councillors are bringing the dates forward this spring to help them continue to set a low council tax.’
    • ‘Recent events may well bring this date forward.’
    • ‘The next meeting of the guild has been brought forward by one week and is taking place on Monday, December 10.’
  • 2often as adjective brought forward(in bookkeeping) transfer a total sum from the bottom of one page to the top of the next.

    ‘a profit and loss balance brought forward of £5,000,000’
    • ‘This statement shows two entries, with a balance brought forward of $104, 192.53.’
    • ‘He did not recollect checking the details on the second page, which amount was brought forward to the first page.’
    • ‘Those are all issues that are brought forward and are worked on and are pushed by Democrats.’
    • ‘The company's balance sheet to December 31, 2000 showed a loss brought forward of €3.23 million.’
  • 3Propose a plan or idea for consideration.

    ‘I realize that when I bring forward proposals they will have to be judged on their merits’
    • ‘They've been thinking about this for a while, though they've been lax in bringing the ideas forward.’
    • ‘After approximately half an hour, each group was asked to bring their ideas forward.’
    • ‘The information you provide will let the editors know whom to contact when a story idea is brought forward.’
    • ‘When an idea for a song is brought forward by one of the members, additions to it are made by the other.’
    • ‘Inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to apply for a new fund that can help them bring their ideas forward.’
    propose, suggest, advance, raise, put forward, table, offer, present, move, submit, prefer, lodge, adduce, come up with
    mention, allude to, touch on, raise, broach, introduce
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