Definition of bring something about in English:

bring something about

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause something to happen.

    ‘she brought about a revolution in psychoanalysis’
    • ‘It does mean that further changes in our laws will be brought about only through the normal legislative process.’
    • ‘The important consideration is how those changes are implemented, how they are brought about and made effective.’
    • ‘Well, he got involved with the actual methods of bringing this revolution about.’
    • ‘The effect of inbreeding on disease levels in a host population can be brought about in two different ways.’
    • ‘Sometimes these punishments are deserved but often they are brought about by unfortunate circumstances.’
    • ‘What results have been brought about by this decision-making framework?’
    • ‘Some changes had been brought about in Headquarters.’
    cause, create, produce, give rise to
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  • 2Cause a ship to head in a different direction.

    ‘he brought the ship about in a stylish tack’
    • ‘After flying a little way out he brought the ship about and slowed to the lowest throttle setting.’
    • ‘The pilots brought their ships about and at the same time killed their thrust.’
    • ‘Karen brought her ship about as Joshua said, ‘Engage at will!’’
    • ‘They sailed out to sea, brought the ship about, and entered the harbour from the East.’
    turn, turn around, turn round, reverse, reverse the direction of, change the direction of
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