Definition of bring someone up in English:

bring someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1Look after a child until it is an adult.

    ‘she was partly brought up by her maternal grandparents’
    • ‘Abandoned by the stricken father, Paolo had been brought up in his mother's home.’
    • ‘Since Rebecca's death, her son Jordan has been brought up by her mother and sisters.’
    • ‘He really had only one parent bringing him up for most of his life because his mother passed away when he was 12.’
    • ‘Born in Manchester of Welsh parents, he was brought up in Wales after the early death of his father.’
    • ‘I learned his father was killed at Dunkirk, and, one of five children, he was brought up by his mother.’
    rear, raise, care for, take care of, look after, nurture, provide for
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    1. 1.1be brought up Be taught as a child to adopt particular behaviour or attitudes.
      ‘he had been brought up to believe that marriage was forever’
      • ‘I was brought up to believe that it was impolite to discuss one's financial affairs in public.’
      • ‘I am 16 and I've been brought up to believe in God.’
      • ‘Everything he'd been brought up to believe in was no longer enough.’
      • ‘We were brought up by our parents to be loving and respectful.’
      • ‘Suppose people in a given society were brought up to believe that women should be subservient to men.’
      • ‘She had always been brought up to believe murder was wrong, regardless of circumstance.’