Definition of bring someone out in English:

bring someone out

phrasal verb

  • 1Encourage someone to feel more confident.

    ‘she needs friends to bring her out of herself’
    • ‘Nate was someone he could have confided in and might have brought him out of his shell a bit more.’
    • ‘The camaraderie of colleagues has helped in bringing her out of herself.’
    • ‘‘Thank you,’ he said encouragingly, hoping this would bring her out of her shell.’
    • ‘I was 18 years old and shy, but my coworkers brought me out of my shell.’
    • ‘I think I was a very shy kid and it really brought me out of myself.’
  • 2British Cause someone to go on strike.

    ‘protest aimed at bringing out the miners who were still at work’
    • ‘They spoke to the strikers and called on them to go to the nearby enterprises and bring out the workers there.’
    • ‘To bring out the workers who did not respond to the initial strike call, the union introduced a new tactic.’