Definition of bring (or come) to light in English:

bring (or come) to light


  • Make or become widely known or evident:

    ‘no new facts came to light’
    • ‘But the families' main aim, a public inquiry, could ‘achieve transparency’ by bringing to light inquiry and investigation notes.’
    • ‘We don't know what kind of evidence this prosecutor has brought to light.’
    • ‘Now new evidence has come to light that could mean the end of the forgery allegations.’
    • ‘The thefts only came to light when one customer noticed that money had been taken from her account without her knowledge.’
    • ‘In fact, it's at this point in the album when a rather disturbing fact comes to light.’
    • ‘So far he is not talking, but details from the police investigation are coming to light that suggest possible motives.’
    • ‘The case is unusual in that his employers did not become aware of his conviction and that he was able to continue teaching for 19 years without the fact of the conviction coming to light.’
    • ‘Sometimes the existence of preceding results rediscovered by a researcher comes to light before his alleged discovery has been published.’
    • ‘The club also questioned the fact that the controversy had come to light on the eve of a key match against champions AC Milan today.’
    • ‘Once all of the facts are brought to light, all judges will of course judge impartially.’
    be discovered, be uncovered, be unearthed, appear, come out, transpire, become known, become apparent, materialize, emerge, crop up, turn up, show up, pop up
    reveal, disclose, expose, uncover, show up, lay bare, unveil, manifest, unearth, dig up, dig out, turn up, bring to notice, detect, identify, dredge up, smoke out, root out, ferret out, hunt out, nose out
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