Definition of bring (or call) into play in English:

bring (or call) into play


  • Cause something to start working so that one can make use of it.

    ‘he cannot afford to bring into play the kind of leadership veto that operated all those years ago’
    • ‘In December 2003 new technology was brought into play to fight the battle of icy roads.’
    • ‘It is not unusual at Celtic Park for the services of a behavioural expert to be brought into play, although this is normally for the study of referees.’
    • ‘Extra pairs of hands have been brought into play to ensure a North Yorkshire historic hall is safely ‘put to bed’ for the winter.’
    • ‘Here the entire information base of the tradition is likely to be called into play, by both opponents and supporters of the tradition.’
    • ‘The organizational genius of Lazare Carnot was brought into play to help turn a revolutionary rabble into a properly equipped fighting force.’
    • ‘All of his secretarial skills were called into play on this occasion however as young people crowded around him, all wanting to be registered quickly and get on the water.’
    • ‘Of course in order to do all of this, a Digital Rights Management regime has to be brought into play that doesn't rely on locking down music.’
    • ‘The fall-out will be even worse should the not proven verdict be called into play.’
    • ‘These disciplinary procedures can be brought into play even where a patient has not suffered because of the breach of confidence.’
    • ‘Assessments by psychologists with a specialty in end-of-life issues could be brought into play.’
    use, employ, exercise, make use of, utilize, avail oneself of, put to use
    bring into play, bring into service, arouse, generate, induce, cause, resort to, awaken, deploy, waken, excite, incite, provoke, foment, prompt, stimulate, stir up, impel, galvanize, urge, encourage, inspire, whip up
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