Definition of brightness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality or state of giving out or reflecting light.

    ‘we can change the brightness of the bulb’
    ‘the comet's brightness had dimmed’
    • ‘The brightness from the lamps adds splendor and grandeur to the whole show.’
    • ‘The system takes a minute to warm up the LCD to full brightness, which is a minor annoyance.’
    • ‘The new approach to locating planets depends upon observing changes in the level of brightness of light that distant stars emit.’
    • ‘Tuning down the brightness to make the blacks look blacker loses shadow details in other parts of the image.’
    • ‘The telescopes looked for a brief dimming in a star's brightness, indicating a planet might have moved across the star's face.’
    • ‘To gauge a bulb's brightness, look to the lumens rating on the packaging.’
    • ‘The amount of radiant energy or intensity of light determines the brightness of a seen surface.’
    • ‘She folded her shawl over her arm and enjoyed the brightness of the sun and the clear blue of the sky.’
    • ‘This can increase brightness by 40 percent and get rid of the rainbow effect.’
    • ‘Others used pencil erasers to restore old lucky pennies to their original brightness.’
    1. 1.1 The quality or state of being well lit.
      ‘his mother called to him from the brightness of the kitchen’
      • ‘The more variety you have in wattage, the more you'll be able to set the brightness of the room with precision.’
      • ‘From under his blue cloak, he drew a sword that made the brightness of the hall more bright.’
      • ‘I walked out quietly, closing my eyes before I faced the otherworldly brightness of the hotel lobby.’
      • ‘My eyes indirectly saw a dark splotch on the usual brightness of the parlor.’
      • ‘The rules include requiring dancers to keep four feet from customers and increasing the minimum lighting—think parking-garage brightness.’
      • ‘She couldn't remember ever having been as profoundly relieved as when she stumbled into the fire-lit brightness of the fort.’
      • ‘All my neighbors already have their displays of lights set to Yankee Stadium brightness.’
      • ‘He ascended the flight of stairs that led into the relative brightness of the basement.’
      • ‘From the brightness of the hallway they climbed the darkened staircase, carefully, as if it was fragile and could break with a heavy step.’
      • ‘When he had passed through the passenger car and entered the one beyond, she turned away to the dimmed brightness of the coach.’
    2. 1.2 Sunny, cloudless weather.
      ‘the brightness will linger through Wednesday’
      ‘the brightness of a winter's day’
      • ‘We managed to get most of our shots done in a short period of brightness before the storm clouds threatened.’
      • ‘It is like the brightness after the rain, making grass sprout from the earth.’
      • ‘Had it not been for the warmth and brightness of Monday, when I arrived here, I should have supposed that all sunshine had left Brook Farm forever.’
      • ‘It was a clear day, a sunny day, a day of brightness and splendor.’
      • ‘The brightness on the day of his funeral was fitting for the man who loved light.’
      • ‘Despite the brightness of the day, there is a somber undercurrent about the race as news of the cyclist's death quietly spreads.’
    3. 1.3 The quality of being vividly and boldly coloured.
      ‘he adds brightness to the dishes by tossing in fresh herbs’
      • ‘What you get is the smokiness of the pancetta, the flavor-charge of the garlic, the brightness of the broccoli, the perkiness of the cheese.’
      • ‘Maybe the brightness of his necktie was chosen to generate excitement.’
      • ‘And everything's color is altered by the brightness of the flower's head.’
      • ‘The brightness of his ultramarine eyes surrounded in kohl was intensified ten fold as he gazed upon the same land I had been.’
      • ‘The most noticeable thing was not the brightness of the floral displays, but the marvelous scent that filled the air.’
      • ‘I had the impression that the screaming brightness of their leaves had indeed faded in the past several minutes.’
      • ‘But Nev was struck by the brightness of her short yellow curls and her piercing blue eyes.’
      • ‘The brightness of a rainbow has more to do with the size of individual water droplets than with the density of rainfall.’
      • ‘I loved the brightness of the fabric.’
      • ‘It's a very vibrant medium pink, but not to the point that it has that tacky brightness about it.’
  • 2The quality of being intelligent and quick-witted.

    ‘he reminded me of my first son with his brightness and inquisitiveness’
    • ‘He speaks of an 'evident luster' that displays a kind of clarity and brightness to the attentive mind.’
    • ‘This is an example of the brightness of Einstein to distinguish between the obvious and what cannot be accepted without a previous analysis.’
    • ‘The kid's brightness is overrated.’
    • ‘If you can do that, you can find the key to unlock the brightness of the student and can probably gift the world with one of its best talented inhabitants.’
    • ‘The future welfare of the society is closely interwoven with the brightness of the child and its careful upbringing.’
    • ‘As a young boy, my father-in-law felt blessed by his older cousin, who recognized his brightness and gave him a word game.’
    • ‘It's unfair that despite his obvious brightness, school will probably always be hard for him.’
  • 3The quality of being cheerful or lively.

    ‘there's so much light and brightness in their faces’
    • ‘I find that the brightness of jazz lifts people's spirit, getting away from the stuffy old hymns of the last century or two.’
    • ‘This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy and happiness.’
    • ‘He can light up a room with the sparkle in his eyes and the brightness of his smile.’
    • ‘These children are generally full of energy and brightness, alert and on the go the whole time.’
    • ‘One advantage would be his projection of youthful brightness and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘It is our will to bring some fun and brightness into our lives.’
    • ‘It is a festival of joy, splendor, and brightness and happiness.’
    • ‘If you're feeling generous—for no particular reason other than your wanting to bestow some fluffy brightness on this corner of the world—I've put this on my Wish List.’
    • ‘Maybe it's seen as a way of provoking a joyful feeling of brightness and well-being.’
    • ‘I said to the patient, with feigned brightness, "You're in one of the best hospitals in the country, with one of the best transplant teams."’
    1. 3.1 Success and happiness.
      ‘there had been some brightness in her life’
      • ‘She has moved beyond the troubles of her past, but she has not yet reached the brightness of her future.’
      • ‘If we can understand, experienc, and practice this path, life will be filled with infinite brightness and cheer.’
      • ‘For now there are just the vestiges of the past—triumphs and disappointments alike—and the brightness of things to come.’
      • ‘Her approach to this land was marked by smiles, which evidenced the brightness of her prospects.’
      • ‘I’m calling you now to see the brightness of this situation.’
      • ‘Look at the brightness of what lies ahead and work out a way to make it come to you.’
  • 4The quality in sound of being clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched.

    ‘tone alters the brightness of the sound’
    • ‘Add sonic brightness more effectively than you can with traditional equalization.’
    • ‘Of all the factors that affect the brightness of the tone, the wood of the guitar body is near the bottom of that list.’
    • ‘The two violas produce an earthy sound breaking the silvery brightness of the flute and violin.’
    • ‘The intimate setting and acoustical brightness of the building make it an ideal setting for a concert.’
    • ‘One of the most consistent outcomes from such timbre experiments is that brightness is an important factor.’