Definition of bright-eyed in English:



  • 1Having shining eyes.

    ‘creatures of the night—owls, bats, and bright-eyed cats’
    • ‘So it's a bit of a shock when a healthy-looking, bright-eyed, clear-skinned young man walks into his agent's office.’
    • ‘She noticed a bright-eyed, dark-haired young man sitting across from her.’
    • ‘The two richly dressed infants have brought their pets, as bright-eyed as themselves, with them.’
    • ‘The boy gazed back at him, bright-eyed and calm.’
    • ‘A healthy rabbit should be bright-eyed and alert.’
    • ‘The pale-skinned bright-eyed goddess wills it.’
    • ‘The young man dropped his bright-eyed gaze from David's face.’
    1. 1.1 Alert and lively.
      ‘bright-eyed young lawyers’
      • ‘Perched on a sofa in his plush suite, he is bright-eyed and unexpectedly eager to talk.’
      • ‘The bright-eyed eighth-grader hopes one day to win a college scholarship.’
      • ‘He has flown himself away to the clinic to emerge back into the public eye as a bright-eyed, coherent young man.’
      • ‘I need to get some sleep so I can wake up bright-eyed and ready to face another day of my wonderful life.’
      • ‘In the break they'd come down bright-eyed and smiling to view our work.’
      • ‘It's an unfortunate reality that among these bright-eyed do-gooders lurk the pollster's worst enemy.’
      • ‘These are bright-eyed, eager, intelligent young people, but they run into concrete walls and outright discrimination.’
      • ‘Along with their bright-eyed optimism, the band offers up some surprisingly innovative songs.’
      • ‘Thin and tired, she seemed to have little in common with the bright-eyed young go-getter.’
      • ‘Two points were missed by the bright-eyed defenders of the judiciary.’
      • ‘We see the evolution of characters from young, bright-eyed regulars to beat-up-looking old men.’
      • ‘The plant and ornamentation kiosks are packed elbow-to-elbow with bright-eyed garden enthusiasts.’
      • ‘There I was, the freshman, just itching to show some bright-eyed high schooler the benefits of an education.’
      • ‘She's bubbly, bright-eyed and thinks she'll soon be engaged to her Kennedy-esque boyfriend, Warner.’
      • ‘I want someone to just speak of all the bright-eyed boys and girls who were my age.’
      • ‘Where Emily was bright-eyed, Gretchen was sullen.’
      • ‘Don't be moody now, I can't stand it,’ she pleaded, looking suspiciously bright-eyed.’
      happy, genial, cheerful, cheery, jolly, joyful, glad, merry, sunny, light-hearted, blithe, beaming
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  • bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

    • informal Alert and lively.

      ‘he arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the studio’
      • ‘After a night of girly fun, our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed guests scampered off.’
      • ‘The two walked off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I wandered outside alone.’
      • ‘I started high school bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.’
      • ‘I could see she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed now, fully awake.’
      • ‘She's the most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed character.’