Definition of bridal gown in English:

bridal gown


  • A dress worn by a bride at her wedding, typically long and white.

    ‘a stunning white bridal gown’
    • ‘Many department or high street stores such as Monsoon now have ready-to-wear bridal gowns for around half that amount.’
    • ‘The bridal gown itself is often an exercise in extravagance since, with changing fashions, it will presumably be worn only once.’
    • ‘The village is holding a Brides, Blooms And Baptisms event, showcasing bridal gowns and christening gowns from every decade since the 1920s.’
    • ‘She is pinning a bridal gown to a dummy in her shop window.’
    • ‘Traditionally, in Jamaica the bride's parents were responsible for supplying the bridal gown and the reception; the groom and his parents provided the ring and the new home.’
    • ‘There's an incredible selection of beautiful bridal gowns and evening wear, yet most people don't even know the store exists.’
    • ‘The sight of her at the church in her bridal gown, walking unaided down the length of the aisle toward him, was breathtaking.’
    • ‘Organisers said the show will feature two catwalk fashion shows where visitors will see the latest stylish looks and bridal gowns.’
    • ‘They were startled by the sound of a young woman in a bridal gown, sitting by the stream, crying softly.’
    • ‘Hard as I try, I can't picture myself in a traditional bridal gown without cracking up.’
    • ‘On a sunny morning John is on the golf course when he sees a woman running towards him in a bridal gown.’
    • ‘There are many sources available for bridal gowns: bridal salons, discount warehouses and outlets, resale or consignment shops, and custom designers.’
    • ‘The key point to the tiara is the fact that is does not detract from any bridal hairstyle or bridal gown but works in harmony with the hairstyle of the time.’
    • ‘The simple veil headpiece works great with elaborate bridal gowns since the veil does not detract from the overall look.’
    • ‘Jill is an experienced dressmaker and began her career working on bridal gowns in Cheltenham.’
    • ‘I was walking faster and faster down the aisle when I realized I was standing on the train of my aunt's bridal gown.’
    • ‘I resisted the urge to pinch myself to make sure the reflection in the mirror of the woman in a gorgeous bridal gown was really me.’
    • ‘On her special day, Emma looked radiant in a designer bridal gown.’
    • ‘The lustre and softness of exquisite silk lends an extreme elegance to a bridal gown.’
    • ‘Modern weddings are conducted in exotic locations in designer bridal gowns, celebrated with fireworks, boat trips and profiterole pyramids.’