Definition of bridal in English:



  • Of or concerning a bride or a newly married couple.

    ‘her white bridal gown’
    ‘the bridal party came out into the church porch’
    • ‘She was maid of honor at my wedding, gave me a bridal shower, helped me pick out my dress, etc.’
    • ‘I bent over slightly and brought my forearms underneath her knees, carrying her bridal style.’
    • ‘The mother of the bride ushers in her daughter to the marriage chamber and spies the rich coverlet on the bridal bed.’
    • ‘Spa Day is really between the bride and her bridal party.’
    • ‘This brings the usual round of laughs from the bridal party.’
    • ‘Jewelers faced increased competition for bridal business in the depression.’
    • ‘For example, if your bridal gown were princess-like, a castle would be suitable.’
    • ‘Online bridal stores also carry the latest styles with the most competitive and reasonable prices.’
    • ‘One of the dew breaker's victims, an elderly bridal seamstress, explains her secret of life to a young journalist.’
    • ‘Obviously she had again mistaken Maya desperate fleeing for bridal shyness.’
    • ‘With all the new styles of wedding band available to men, bridal sets are becoming even more popular.’
    • ‘The simplicity of wedding dresses today has prompted renewed interest in bridal footwear.’
    • ‘You're going to check out bridal dresses and you never even told your family you're getting married!’
    • ‘Hard as I try, I can't picture myself in a traditional bridal gown without cracking up.’
    • ‘According to bridal history, royalty not only introduced the white wedding dress, they also made it popular.’
    • ‘They were startled by the sound of a young woman in a bridal gown, sitting by the stream, crying softly.’
    • ‘Remember to bring your own wedding attire from home as there are few bridal shops in Belize.’
    • ‘I get up early and travel to the bride's home or venue to do the makeup for the bride and bridal party.’
    • ‘Derek carried Jessica up the stairs bridal style, ignoring all the stares and whistling sounds.’
    • ‘Around town, wedding fair posters at bus stops and bridal shop window displays are out in full force.’
    nuptial, wedding, marriage, matrimonial, marital, connubial, conjugal
    hymeneal, epithalamic
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Late Middle English: from Old English brȳd-ealu ‘wedding feast’, from brȳd ‘bride’ + ealu ‘ale-drinking’. Since the late 16th century, the word has been associated with adjectives ending in -al.