Definition of brewer's goitre in English:

brewer's goitre


NZ, Australian
  • A fat stomach caused by excessive consumption of beer.

    ‘he sat back, his brewer's goitre slung over his belt’
    • ‘He wore a plumcoloured waistcoat suffering from a bad attack of brewer's goitre.’
    • ‘The nickname referred to his impressive chest which he carried low, and which the unkind called a brewer's goitre.’
    • ‘He smoothed his brewer's goitre with slow, careful hands.’
    • ‘He had a brewer's goitre, the beer belly hauled in by an ineffectual belt.’
    • ‘No mention of alcohol is complete without a reference to its side effects as an additional food-intake which causes the development of excess body fat and the well known "brewer's goitre".’
    • ‘I wondered how a person could answer to the description 'spindle shanked and herring gutted' yet still run to a brewer's goitre.’
    • ‘He carried a good deal of his weight in front, what the diggers called "Brewer's goitre."’
    • ‘There's no doubt at all that beer produces a 'brewer's goitre' if you drink enough of it.’
    • ‘As inexorably as the 'brewer's goitre', the problem re-emerged.’
    • ‘The landlord beamed bucolic above his outsize brewer's goitre.’