Definition of brewer in English:



  • A person or company that manufactures beer.

    ‘pubs owned by regional brewers’
    • ‘A brewer's barrel holds 36 gallons.’
    • ‘The smaller brewers believe there is a shift toward appreciation of flavor and of increased choice.’
    • ‘He said it was flattering that one of the world's largest brewers had made an ad very similar to one of his.’
    • ‘These beers were seen as an attempt to fight off microbreweries and a number of successful independent brewers.’
    • ‘In early January, they unearthed the remains of Khonso Em Heb, chief brewer of the Temple of Mut.’
    • ‘Vermonters are loyal to local brewers, spending one-fifth of their beer money on in-state products.’
    • ‘Instead of the usual colored crates that advertise the brewers' wares, the architects specified white translucent plastic.’
    • ‘Real ale brewers use simply malt, hops, water, and yeast to produce a whole range of beers.’
    • ‘Forced to stop producing beer, the brewer in 1919 found itself searching for other opportunities to stay afloat.’
    • ‘It's also serious business for brewers, who compete for medals in 65 categories.’