Definition of brethren in English:


plural noun

  • 1Fellow Christians or members of a male religious order.

    See also brother (sense 2 of the noun)
    • ‘But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.’
    • ‘Like their Serb brethren, ethnic Macedonians are mostly Orthodox Christians.’
    • ‘Thusly, I have been selected by my brethren to represent the younger face of the Christian Brothers.’
    • ‘He sought to make Memphis a denominational center for Baptists and called for unity among the brethren.’
    • ‘But then we got here and I saw how your own brethren in the Order have failed to appreciate your towering nobility.’
    • ‘What to do with their brethren converted to a white man's religion?’
    • ‘Seventh Day Baptists in America paralleled their English brethren.’
    • ‘Crying out for help, the monk was rescued by his brethren, but they could see no dragon.’
    • ‘When he developed the order in Burgundy he originally intended abstinence for his brethren.’
    • ‘The brethren are all experienced priests and devote their lives to saving souls.’
    • ‘He could not possibly betray his own brethren could he?’
    • ‘You might also want to ask recommendations/referrals from your church, pastor or trusted brethren.’
    • ‘The ethnic German North American Baptists worked even more directly among their German brethren.’
    • ‘The young monk flinched, realizing the words of his ancient brethren were true.’
    • ‘He just couldn't bring himself to turn in his fellow brethren, so for the moment, he had to playact as one of them.’
    • ‘Some of their brethren - including the founder of the faith - had even been murdered for their beliefs.’
    • ‘It was before the assembled brethren of the Lodge that he exchanged symbolic embraces with Franklin.’
    • ‘His father was said to be buried beside his brethren in the castle belonging to his Order.’
    • ‘And how did Huguenot outlook differ from that of their cross-channel puritan brethren?’
    • ‘He does so in order to provide solace to his brethren, but also to argue for the importance of fidelity to the Church.’
    believers, communicants
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    1. 1.1humorous, ironic People belonging to a particular group.
      ‘our brethren in the popular national press’
      • ‘But the ship - and the many luxury trawlers like her - do share some traits with their working brethren.’
      • ‘With an almost casual glance, she looked down upon the fallen body of her brethren.’
      • ‘But my more technical-minded brethren tend to see things as binary.’
      • ‘Iowans living in and around Des Moines embraced TV with the same passion as their big city brethren.’
      • ‘As she wanders through the village, we see the incredibly evocative faces of her fellow Gypsy brethren.’
      • ‘The rest of my brethren were there milling about and chatting with their fellow creatures of the night.’
      • ‘I held the nose off in a traditional Air Force ‘aero brake’ attitude I had tried to teach my Navy brethren.’
      • ‘Are you and your brethren wiling to accept less money?’
      • ‘The healers chose to follow, for they would not abandon their brethren in spite of everything.’
      • ‘He has consistently distanced himself from his documentarian brethren, both aesthetically and politically.’
      • ‘Most civilian pilots adhere to their checklists with the same dedication as their military brethren.’
      • ‘In the Civil War, he fought alongside his Connecticut brethren in the 9th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment.’
      • ‘But unlike whites and members of other ethnic groups, blacks who live in the suburbs are far wealthier than their city brethren.’
      community, company, group, body, mass, throng, congregation, assembly
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