Definition of Bren in English:


(also Bren gun)


  • A lightweight quick-firing machine gun used by the Allied forces in the Second World War.

    • ‘As he paused beside a large rock to reload his Bren gun, he was shot dead by a sniper.’
    • ‘He became a Bren gunner and was taught to kill - a far cry from his Christian pacifist background.’
    • ‘It takes me back to the cadets, assembling or dissembling the Bren gun: piston, barrel, butt, body, bipod.’
    • ‘After a noisy afternoon with a Bren firing 12 inches from my left ear, I was deafened.’
    • ‘There were also beautifully restored military vehicles, including jeeps, and Bren gun carriers.’


1930s: blend of Brno (a town in the Czech Republic where it was originally made) and Enfield in England (site of the Royal Small Arms Factory where it was later made).