Definition of bremsstrahlung in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • Electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration or especially the deceleration of a charged particle after passing through the electric and magnetic fields of a nucleus.

    as modifier ‘bremsstrahlung radiation’
    • ‘Go back to the bremsstrahlung spectrum and see how it fades gradually to zero for long wavelengths.’
    • ‘When taken up by obstacles, beta particles produce a more penetrative secondary radiation known as bremsstrahlung.’
    • ‘The energy radiated as bremsstrahlung is typically 100000 times smaller than the energy lost to the plasma electrons.’
    • ‘This information is addressed to colleagues working in the field of bremsstrahlung and related areas.’
    • ‘The restricted energy loss for muon bremsstrahlung with relative transfers can be calculated as follows.’


1940s: from German, from bremsen ‘to brake’ + Strahlung ‘radiation’.