Definition of breeching in English:



mass noun
  • 1A strong leather strap passing round the hindquarters of a horse harnessed to a vehicle and enabling the horse to push backwards.

    • ‘The wheel-horses' breechings are independent of their collars.’
    • ‘These connect to the breechings via the harness, and provide effectively both for steering and braking.’
    • ‘A cart has no brakes, so the horse is fitted with breechings around the hind legs to allow him to slow the vehicle.’
  • 2historical A thick rope used to secure the carriage of a cannon on a ship and to absorb the force of the recoil.

    • ‘The breechings of the carronades were lined with white canvas.’
    • ‘Are you a great gun yourself, that you so recoil, to the extremity of your breechings, at that discharge?’
    • ‘In very bad weather, when the ship's rolling caused the guns to strain their fastenings, the breechings were doubled.’
    • ‘The wire breechings of No.2 6-inch gun were carried away near the end of the firing.’
  • 3The hair or wool on the hindquarters of an animal.

    • ‘Silvering may appear in the undercoat, tail, under parts of the dog, or beneath the tail and breechings.’
    • ‘The breeching along the thigh is long and thick.’
    • ‘The hair may be a little longer on breechings.’
    • ‘Feathering may occur on the ear fringes, legs, breeching, and tail.’
    • ‘Black is self-explanatory but some black Chows have silver shadings in tail or breechings.’