Definition of breather in English:



  • 1A person or animal that breathes in a particular way.

    ‘a heavy breather’
    • ‘Dolphins and whales, air breathers like us, remain submerged on a single breath hold for up to 40 minutes.’
    • ‘And you two are the idiotic mouth breathers who fell for it.’
    • ‘Dancing dwarfs and fire breathers part the converging crowds.’
    • ‘The next night, however, the heavy breather returned with her cub.’
    • ‘Of course I already am a heavy breather, but this is even heavier than normal.’
    • ‘That is why so many of us today are shallow breathers.’
    • ‘Who wants to be a passive breather of fumes, when we now seem to be awarded a right to clean air?’
    • ‘It encapsulates the view of pre-teens as miscreant mouth breathers only capable of cursing, not thinking.’
    • ‘In contrast, most recreational athletes spend little time concentrating on breathing and as a result are bad breathers.’
    • ‘So take a good look at your weights, heavy breathers.’
    • ‘Heavy breathers should maintain a distance of four inches between mouth and phone.’
    • ‘I awoke to the sound of a heavy breather in the other bed.’
    • ‘Baton twirlers and fire breathers took to the dance floor, putting on a short show.’
    • ‘They're gill breathers, which means they can't survive out of oxygenated water.’
    • ‘Newborn infants are obligatory nose breathers which is why nasal obstructions can interfere with normal feeding.’
    • ‘He heard the heavy breathing first - mouth breathers should never be murderers.’
  • 2informal A brief pause for rest.

    ‘let's take a breather’
    • ‘She did a few laps, and then at one end of the pool, stopped to take a breather and relax.’
    • ‘They ran for a good hour before Michi stopped to take a breather.’
    • ‘I just wish somebody would trust us so we could get off the ground and she could take a breather.’
    • ‘I needed to take a breather after each concerto.’
    • ‘Luckily, I'm able to momentarily escape and take a breather.’
    • ‘And when you take a breather, you find yourself walking the routes that people walked 800 years ago.’
    • ‘You've climbed about 500 feet now, so take a breather on the ridge.’
    • ‘But at the moment I think it needs to take a breather.’
    • ‘Her eyes were brimmed with tears and she fled out of the house to school not stopping once to take a breather.’
    • ‘‘I love to do big, long rides on my single-speed,’ she says as we take a breather.’
    • ‘I stop to take a breather, before looking up in to the lights of an oncoming snowmobile.’
    • ‘We stopped to take a breather after playing one-on-one for an hour.’
    • ‘Take a breather from paying interest: get a 0% card!’
    • ‘I suppose that we should take a breather for now, after all we shouldn't sit around worrying or we'll go crazy.’
    • ‘None of them shoot more than a few rounds before taking a breather - leaving them open to more than a few bullets.’
    • ‘Just don't forget to take a breather now and then, OK?’
    • ‘Coming out here for a few years and teaching was almost like taking a breather.’
    • ‘I stopped to take a breather as the picture on the screen changed.’
    • ‘Satisfied, we stopped to take a breather and admire our hard determination, or lack thereof.’
    • ‘Let's take a breather, because this is not fair.’
    break, rest, pause, interval, respite, breathing space, lull, recess, time out
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  • 3A vent or valve to release pressure or to allow air to move freely around something.

    ‘a cask breather’
    ‘a crankcase breather’
    as modifier ‘a breather pipe’
    • ‘Returning the screwdrivers to the tool box, he unscrewed the breather cover.’
    • ‘Taking the breather cover off, he studied the carburetor valve.’
    • ‘Is there an alternative to a breather in the valve cover?’
    • ‘These highly polished breathers are the final touch to accent your valve covers.’
    • ‘Replace the breather if the valve shows signs of wear or will not open and close easily.’
    outlet, inlet, opening, aperture, vent hole, hole, gap, orifice, space, cavity, cleft, slit, pore, port
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