Definition of breathe down someone's neck in English:

breathe down someone's neck


  • 1Follow closely behind someone:

    ‘three wins would have seen us breathing down the neck of United at the top of the table’
    • ‘The claustrophobic camera follows him around the workshop, breathing down his neck.’
    • ‘He was always right behind me, breathing down my neck.’
    • ‘Take one last look in your rear-view mirror at that muscle-bound, angular-featured SUV bully breathing down your neck.’
    • ‘He has a lead, but Kerry is breathing down his neck.’
    • ‘Furthermore, France may be breathing down your neck.’
    1. 1.1 Constantly check up on someone:
      ‘she's quite capable of looking after herself without her parents breathing down her neck all the time’
      • ‘You had to live with your parents breathing down your neck 24/7.’
      • ‘The quicker Darlene can get her anger out, the less time you'll have to spend with her breathing down your neck.’
      • ‘I wanted to enjoy some free time without her breathing down my neck.’
      • ‘‘I'm my own boss, there's no one breathing down my neck,’ he said.’
      • ‘I can't sleep with you breathing down my neck.’
      • ‘Stifling a laugh is terribly hard, especially if the librarian is breathing down your neck from over ten feet away.’
      • ‘I've got enough things to deal with without you breathing down my neck all the time.’
      • ‘I've got the king breathing down my neck constantly.’
      • ‘If you quit breathing down my neck once in a while maybe I can actually do something right here!’
      • ‘She tells him, ‘It must be hard to grow up when your father is breathing down your neck all the time.’’