Definition of breathe (freely) again in English:

breathe (freely) again


  • Relax after being frightened or tense about something.

    ‘she wouldn't breathe freely again until she was airborne’
    • ‘I did my best to help her, but at the moment I was still so stunned I could barely start breathing again.’
    • ‘When the door clicked closed behind him, I began breathing again.’
    • ‘It felt like hours before he could breathe again, before he could relax his jaw and focus.’
    • ‘They relax her and she feels like she can breathe again.’
    • ‘Shutting the door behind her, she began breathing again.’
    • ‘I started breathing again after I found out he wasn't going to walk away in disgust.’
    • ‘Only when the light turned from red to green did he allow himself to breathe again.’
    • ‘I tried to restrain my thoughts and truly relax to some extent where I could breathe again.’
    • ‘When we finally pulled up to the club, I started breathing again.’
    • ‘I really needed to leave what was normal and everyday to me and change in order to breathe again.’