Definition of breath mint in English:

breath mint


  • A mint-flavoured lozenge for freshening the breath.

    ‘I had to buy breath mints after I ate so I could get the onion flavour to go away’
    • ‘We tried to pass the time with some idle chit-chat, and I'll tell ya, he could have used a breath mint.’
    • ‘No matter your work environment, just about everyone has a drawer for stashing away granola bars to stave off the 4:00 p.m. blood-sugar drop; breath mints to pop discreetly before the big meeting; the tea bags to soothe frazzled nerves.’
    • ‘At the very minimum, make use of breath mints.’
    • ‘This holiday season keep lots of lip balm and breath mints at hand so you can take advantage of every kissing opportunity.’
    • ‘Keep a toothbrush and breath mints in your desk for bad breath occurrences.’
    • ‘Smokers should carry extra breath mints, sprays, and even a pocket-bottle of mouthwash.’
    • ‘He is the kind of man who smiles broadly at bawdy jokes, and always smells vaguely of breath mints and aftershave.’
    • ‘His partner hated when he smoked, so before the night was over he would stuff his mouth with breath mints to cover up the smell.’
    • ‘Breath mints and mouth sprays don't get rid of bad breath - they only cover up the smell.’
    • ‘Deodorant and breath mints are not optional.’