Definition of breakbone fever in English:

breakbone fever


  • another term for dengue
    • ‘I had dengue fever, called ‘breakbone fever‘some years ago for its joint and muscle pain.’
    • ‘Another suggests that flu and colds were historically called ‘breakbone fever’ in the early colonies.’
    • ‘Rush coined the term breakbone fever, based on the intense description of symptoms reported by one of his patients.’
    • ‘Ecovec is a company specialized in monitoring urban plagues, especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito, vector of breakbone fever.’
    • ‘Extreme aching in the legs and joints occurs during the first hours, which accounts for the traditional name of breakbone fever.’
    • ‘Epidemiologists there have confirmed 14 cases of the viral illness, which is spread by mosquitoes and nicknamed breakbone fever.’
    • ‘The joint symptoms, while common to most diseases at first, are most pronounced of all in dengue, and the notable difference between the pulse and temperature as in yellow fever is absent in breakbone fever.’
    • ‘In America it was known as breakbone fever and in the East Indies as knokkel - koorts, knuckle fever.’
    • ‘However, it was an American physician, Benjamin Rush, who first referred to dengue as ‘breakbone fever’.’


breakbone fever

/ˈbreɪkbəʊn fiːvə/