Definition of breakbeat in English:



  • 1A sample of a syncopated drum beat, usually repeated to form a rhythm used as a basis for dance music, hip-hop, etc.

    • ‘Occasionally the sounds remind one of noisy breakbeats and, at other times, the reliable downtempo four-on-the-floor of old blues music.’
    • ‘Drum & bass and breakbeats are the punk rock of the electronic world.’
    • ‘Bonus points for early use of jungle/drum-and-bass breakbeats in a commercial crossover hit - for rhythmically, there was clear distance between this and the usual four-to-the-floor handbag house order of the day.’
    • ‘These guys have been defiantly old school for a while now, but in the face of scary current events, there is an undeniably dated feel to these simplistic samples and breakbeats.’
    • ‘Other tracks draw on the slick breakbeats and sampled funk-guitar stabs of late.’
    • ‘Thus, he allowed pummeling old school hardcore breakbeats to rampage through drifts of scorching ambience.’
    • ‘There's a punkish energy and wit to this quartet, as the drummer and leader Seb Rochford propels his two-saxophone front line with a mix of rock rhythms and breakbeats.’
    • ‘Most dance music chases its own tail, endlessly regurgitating tired breakbeats and disco samples.’
    • ‘On Stargazing, singers gently coo over leisurely breakbeats, spacey samples and woozy strings.’
    • ‘The breakbeats and two-step rhythms are mashed up with all sorts of other influences (you name it - it's in there somewhere) to create something that this jaded set of ears hasn't really heard before.’
    • ‘Sometimes analogue, sometimes playful, they mix ambience and breakbeats more effectively than most any single-artist recordings in techno's short history.’
    • ‘Breakbeat Massive is indeed full of massive breakbeats, mixed and mashed into a hyperkinetic hour-plus set.’
    • ‘Rudi The Techno Pioneer roughnecks We Wish You A Merry Christmas, complete with ragga vox and accelerating breakbeats.’
    • ‘‘This album still has a lot of hip-hop breakbeats on it,’ continues Clark.’
    • ‘Like all genres, it's got its stylistic hallmarks: bass mutations, jungle breakbeats, and plenty of brazenly stolen samples.’
    • ‘Rap has come a long way since breakbeats were revolutionary and samples were free.’
    • ‘You'll find no contemporary rhythms here - no breakbeats, syncopated garage or 4/4 tech-house - to jolt you into the clever, chaotic and horrid present.’
    • ‘Orion kicks off with Towards, a beautiful opener that builds into a multi-layered piece of sparse guitar chords floating over a shifting rhythm section of soft breakbeats and reversed cymbals.’
    • ‘The wait was certainly worth it: Volume 2, which mixes jazz, soul, and old-school hip-hop breakbeats with the singer's powerfully emotive voice, is at least as mesmerizing as Scott's debut.’
    • ‘‘With the first album, we were just hanging out and we would loop samples, chop up breakbeats and sing over them,’ Murr says.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Dance music featuring breakbeats.
      • ‘Under this banner breakbeat shattered into myriad of sub-genres (breakcore, darkcore, hardstep, techstep and so on) which were difficult for any but the cognoscenti to tell apart, which was probably all part of the plan.’
      • ‘By releasing Tectonics, Freeland showed the world that UK breakbeat meant much more than the cheesy sounds of Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and the completely horrible Bentley Rhythm Ace.’
      • ‘They are Brendan Crowe and Philip Byrne and have been making breakbeat oriented music for the past five years.’
      • ‘What is more than evident is that breakbeat was slumbering away peacefully before the Plump DJs gave it a loud wakeup call with their first release.’
      • ‘At Meow Mixes, you can dance to hip hop, funk, alternative, techno, breakbeat, ethnic music and retro favourites.’
      • ‘These first two tracks might prove to be something of a surprise to anyone expecting breakbeat interspersed with straightahead jazz interludes as per Truffaz's previous work.’
      • ‘A lot of attention was paid to each track, but they rarely transcend anything more than some good dubby breakbeat.’
      • ‘Made for home listening as well as the dancefloor, Beyer bounces from breakbeat to electro to ambient and house.’
      • ‘Right now there are more clubs and more choices, we have more scenes, there is breakbeat, house, lounge, techno and so on.’
      • ‘At the time records were becoming so aggressive, like with rave and hardcore breakbeat, and I wanted something warmer and softer.’
      • ‘Shadow Records and Tummy Touch records have always been semi-powerful back-room players in the trip-hop and breakbeat scene.’
      • ‘Were you ever into Detroit techno, or breakbeat, or UK hardcore?’
      • ‘They have made 2 fantastic albums together, Low Life and Night Works which cover electro, techno, underground house and breakbeat.’
      • ‘This first eponymous full-length cd by Crash Berlin rests on a base of 80's breakbeat delivering songs in styles ranging from rap to spacey chill-out.’
      • ‘Mini's passion for ‘thee’ electro sound lets her merge the musical influences that have inspired her from the day she hit the decks, ranging from punk and industrial to techno and breakbeat.’
      • ‘The first CD is entitled Beats, comprising a diverse mix of drum 'n' bass, hip-hop, breakbeat, and reggae.’
      • ‘Phluff's ‘Fast Movers’ feels like we're in an alternate universe where breakbeat broke out in the 60s.’
      • ‘Although the album has pieces of squiggly acid, breakbeat, and folk it never feels patched together.’
      • ‘In the beginning of the '90s, I was doing techno, house, acid jazz, breakbeat and, yes, even trance (oops).’
      • ‘Matthew Shipp has played with Spring Heel Jack but the latter have eschewed breakbeat for their Blue Series encounters with free jazz.’