Definition of break with in English:

break with

phrasal verb

  • 1Quarrel or cease relations with (someone)

    ‘he had broken with his family long before’
    • ‘Long historical experience testifies to the need for a break with the Democrats.’
    • ‘He openly broke with Lee when he defined China-Taiwan relations as ‘state-to-state’.’
    • ‘The only way the couple can be together is by breaking with their families, blowing tradition out of the water and turning their backs on everything.’
    • ‘Centrism developed in the 1930s as a decisive obstacle preventing workers from breaking with reformism and Stalinism.’
    • ‘His opponents have warned they may break with the church over the decision.’
    • ‘King Henry VIII was responsible for England's ultimate breaking with the catholic church due to his desire to divorce his current wife and marry another.’
    • ‘The young actress breaks with her boyfriend after their relationship has become routine.’
    • ‘For the most part this involved a decisive break with old Labour.’
    • ‘But he quit his official post and broke with the Nationalist party to run as an independent in Taiwan's first presidential poll in 1996.’
    • ‘When they decided this, I made my decision to make a break with the National Health Service.’
    1. 1.1 Act in a way that is not in accordance with (a custom or tradition)
      ‘institutions which are dynamically prepared to break with tradition’
      • ‘He broke with tradition when he embarked on a theatrical career.’
      • ‘He broke with tradition when his official portrait was done in photographic form rather than a painting.’
      • ‘The Prime Minister is breaking with years of tradition by touring Britain without the Press.’
      • ‘These breaks with artistic tradition are appropriate for a man who broke with the most sacred traditions of his time.’
      • ‘In this election, he's breaking with tradition and voting for the left.’
      • ‘In ignoring international opinion and their own international obligations, they decisively broke with the past.’
      • ‘The bank is breaking with more than 150 years of history and moving its head office to London.’
      • ‘This year will break with tradition: my first Christmas away from my family.’
      • ‘The musical broke with tradition: there was no chorus and precious little plot.’
      • ‘The Community Games broke with tradition in holding a cross country event where boys and girls competed in the same race.’