Definition of break the bank in English:

break the bank


  • 1(in gambling) win more money than is held by the bank.

    ‘winning the pools was the equivalent of breaking the bank at Monte Carlo’
    • ‘On the drive home, I kept chuckling and whistling, ‘He's the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’!’
    • ‘He breaks the bank, but when he offers Paulina the money to buy off the marquis, she is ashamed and hurls it back at him in disgust.’
    1. 1.1informal usually with negative Cost more than one can afford.
      ‘at £30, the shirts won't break the bank’
      • ‘Four important players were making next to nothing, allowing the team to win without breaking the bank.’
      • ‘You could still afford an exclusive bridal service without breaking the bank!’
      • ‘The cost of fitted shelves and units can break the bank.’
      • ‘One might argue that some of the existing members just wouldn't be able to afford it but would £1 per week really break the bank?’
      • ‘However, a week in the fjords in summer or cross-country skiing in winter doesn't have to break the bank, and many tour operators offer affordable packages.’