Definition of break someone in in English:

break someone in

phrasal verb

  • 1Familiarize someone with a new job or situation.

    ‘there was no time to break in a new foreign minister’
    • ‘Initially, you are broken in gently, but too gently, for the first two campaigns are over before you have any real trouble.’
    • ‘He broke me in, literally taught me everything I know and everything I can do.’
    • ‘His supervisor was intent on breaking him in with verbal and physical abuse - or what he described as character building.’
    • ‘He will be broken in slowly, in a way different than the rest.’
    • ‘Is this another way of breaking us in gently, as per your previous observations?’
    • ‘I figured they were breaking me in and not giving me a chance to think this would be an easy job.’
    • ‘He doesn't like people, until his roommate breaks him in with typical Irish charm.’
    • ‘‘Oh that's right,’ Morgan plays along, ‘we're breaking you in slowly, right?’’
    train, prepare, prime, initiate, condition
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  • 2break a horse inAccustom a horse to a saddle and bridle, and to being ridden.

    ‘I break in my dad's horses’
    • ‘Anne and Jimmy make a living by taking guests, breeding horses, breaking them in and selling them.’
    • ‘Many of the horses had not been broken in and it was difficult to round them up.’
    • ‘She broke them in and she rode them and that is how she got into the British team.’
    • ‘He next day, his son grappled with one of these wild horses and tried to break it in, and he got thrown and broke his leg.’
    • ‘In the coming months, foals would be broken in, stallions exercised to the limit and animals bought and sold.’