Definition of break someone's heart in English:

break someone's heart


  • Overwhelm someone with sadness.

    ‘it would break her heart to have to leave’
    • ‘‘He loves his mum, he loves his family and it breaks his heart to realise he has caused them considerable distress over the years,’ added Mr Pickles.’
    • ‘But his stories still roar, they still frighten, they still overwhelm, they still break your heart, and they still make you want to grab the person next to you and hold on.’
    • ‘And that enough saddened me and broke my heart because I know what those families are going through.’
    • ‘Riley was a mess, she had reason to be, but she was so upset, it just broke my heart to see her like that.’
    • ‘She was just absolutely hysterically funny in parts and then she broke your heart in other parts.’
    • ‘He hated to upset her, it broke his heart to see her cry.’
    • ‘Last year, I spent the night being depressed because the ex broke my heart.’
    • ‘It breaks your heart - it absolutely breaks your heart.’
    • ‘When he finishes, her sadness descends so quickly, it nearly breaks his heart.’
    • ‘It breaks my heart to see him look so confused and upset.’
    make sad, sadden, make unhappy, cast down, get down, make gloomy, make despondent, dispirit
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