Definition of break point in English:

break point


  • 1A place or time at which an interruption or change is made.

    • ‘In both cases, the breakpoints are chosen restricted to the chosen arm to ensure that each resultant chromosome has exactly one centromere.’
    • ‘Additional upstream sequences were needed to map the recombination breakpoints more precisely.’
    • ‘Less recombination break points are detected and some sort of block structure emerges.’
    • ‘Look, what Ritter is addressing is a fundamental break point on this issue.’
    • ‘This translocation together with the genes flanking the breakpoints may prove to be markers of this neoplasm.’
    • ‘But, in winter, the breakpoint becomes 48 hours because of an allowance for seasonal industries.’
    • ‘But the break point was in 1943, with the introduction of the STO, or the Service du Travail Organatision.’
    • ‘Open boxes indicate deleted regions, while shaded boxes indicate ambiguities about the actual chromosomal breakpoints.’
    • ‘In Cf genes, there are several instances in which the recombination break point coincides with a hypervariable codon.’
    • ‘It is called a physical map because the breakpoints used to map genes are produced by a physical cutting of DNA fragments from chromosomes.’
    • ‘The numbers of recombination breakpoints that resolved in each interval are indicated.’
    • ‘Its medium-low differential Rg creates control at the break point with a continuous back-end hook.’
    • ‘The numbers of recombination breakpoints that mapped to each subinterval for each haplotype are shown.’
    1. 1.1Computing A place in a computer program where the sequence of instructions is interrupted, especially by another program or operator intervention.
      • ‘You then can look at what this does by setting a breakpoint for the entry point, and then run the program.’
      • ‘A mailing list introduces a new break point, that of instead of transmitting a message to a recipient, it's instead transmitted to a recipient reference.’
      • ‘The junctions of the rearrangements were then amplified by PCR and sequenced to reveal the breakpoints.’
      • ‘Debuggers use these methods to set up breakpoints and execute debugging handlers.’
      • ‘Beforehand, I had been adding breakpoints to pause the program to examine memory.’
  • 2Tennis
    The state of a game when the player or side receiving service needs only one more point to win the game.

    ‘he hit a winner to reach break point’
    • ‘After staving off a break point in his opening service game of the second set Agassi treated the crowd to some vintage tennis.’
    • ‘There was never going to be any recovery but the British pair did finally reach break point in the 27th game of the match only to waste all three opportunities with two unforced errors and a weak return by Henman.’
    • ‘But the Swiss double-faulted on break point in the next game to leave the match level.’
    • ‘Federer totalled 21 aces and never faced a break point, while Philippoussis had 14 aces 13 below his tournament average and a costly double fault in the pivotal first tiebreaker.’
    • ‘Lopez paid the price for failing to take advantage of a break point at the beginning of the second set, however.’


break point