Definition of break one's back in English:

break one's back


  • Put great effort into achieving something.

    ‘as soon as we finished I'd break my back to get home to her’
    • ‘‘All it costs is €30 a month and you get staff who will break their back for you in terms of loyalty,’ he said.’
    • ‘I have no desire to break my back on the wheels of capitalism, or prostrate myself before it.’
    • ‘I break my back for pedagogy and love of my subject!’
    • ‘Ain't it good enough that I'm out here breaking my back for them?’
    • ‘We have more, varied, fresher and cheaper food than ever before - and nobody has to break their back on the land to get it to us.’
    • ‘Yesterday, when I was being smeared and pelted with snow while breaking my back, my neighbor cleared his tiny, non corner walk in about 3 minutes and then went back inside.’
    • ‘‘It really will not break your back if you smile around this place,’ Watts told the group.’