Definition of break free in English:

break free

phrasal verb

  • See break

    another way of saying break away
    • ‘He eventually managed to break free and fled nursing a battle-scarred arm.’
    • ‘During the struggle the victim managed to break free and fled to the bathroom where she locked herself in.’
    • ‘The man resisted, broke free and had turned to leave when his mobile phone dropped to the ground.’
    • ‘At one stage, she broke free and crawled along the concrete trying to escape while he clutched at her legs.’
    • ‘He is planning to take a Masters in drugs misuse so he can help others to escape the cycle of drugs and crime from which he broke free.’
    • ‘Following a struggle the brave youngster finally managed to break free from the man and make her escape.’
    • ‘A total of six elephants broke free from their handlers while they were on parade at an amusement park.’
    • ‘He broke free and managed to stagger to a nearby house where he collapsed in the garden.’
    • ‘The plucky farmer is understood to have startled the thief who eventually broke free and made his escape to a waiting car.’
    • ‘The right side of the fire escape broke free from the brick building and swung down towards the street.’