Definition of break bread in English:

break bread


  • 1Celebrate the Eucharist.

    ‘as we gathered to break bread, a sense of thanksgiving ran through us’
    • ‘Accepting the freedom of this way and sharing it in life together for the sake of the whole world, we find that our random acts of nutrition have been transformed into the Christian practice of breaking bread.’
    • ‘Rather than ceasing to baptize or break bread, Lewis suggests an attitude of repentance because of the lack of unity among Christians.’
    • ‘Then we broke bread and fed each other from God's table.’
    • ‘He gave them a new commandment: break bread together in his memory, and love each other.’
    • ‘I am thinking especially of the oil painting in the Louvre where a tired and almost anaemic God is recognised by the two disciples with whom he breaks bread in the inn at Emmaus.’
    • ‘It's a lot easier to imagine him eating a working lunch in a corporate boardroom than breaking bread at a prayer breakfast with a bunch of Christian Dominionists.’
    • ‘I didn't earn the right to preach, to break bread at the table of Christ, to walk beside people while they pass through the rough places.’
    • ‘The Christian practice of breaking bread acknowledges the table - at home, at work, at school, at church - as a place not only for food but also for speech.’
    • ‘Jesus broke bread and said it would represent his body.’
    • ‘Later, however, precise details would be given: namely, that this confession would take place when the community gathered on each Lord's day to break bread and celebrate the Eucharist.’
    1. 1.1dated Share a meal with someone.
      ‘Donald's staying to break bread with us’
      • ‘I hope you are in not so much of a rush that you cannot stay and break bread with us.’
      • ‘I'm out of town the rest of today for a loan closing and to break bread with an old friend or two.’
      • ‘I was able to break bread with him just last week.’
      • ‘Those who had the privilege to know him and break bread with him never felt bored or lonely.’
      • ‘Local residents can fire questions and voice concerns and break bread with them as they pass.’
      have dinner, have supper
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