Definition of break (or informalkick) the habit in English:

break (or informalkick) the habit


  • Stop engaging in a habitual practice:

    ‘trying to break the habit increases the compulsion’
    • ‘But he has an addictive personality - he smokes 60 cigarettes a day, and the day after the interview has an appointment to start his 26th attempt at kicking the habit.’
    • ‘Various reasons were cited for kicking the habit.’
    • ‘Indeed, the observation that detoxification is not tantamount to overcoming an addiction, that addicts typically will try repeatedly before successfully kicking the habit, is a commonplace of drug treatment.’
    • ‘When a deacon ventured to speak to him about it, he just said he had gotten into the habit of starting late and it was hard to kick the habit.’
    • ‘There are things people can do to combat the stress associated with kicking the habit.’
    • ‘But while the smokers' chances of quitting increased, the vast majority did not experience the weight gain often associated with kicking the habit.’
    • ‘They should realise the dangers involved in smoking and should show determination in kicking the habit.’
    • ‘Although he had been told to stop smoking, breaking the habit was too much for him.’
    • ‘Drug orders are imposed on heroin users who steal to fund their habit and give them intensive support in efforts to kick the habit.’
    • ‘The research came after the Government declared a ban on smoking in the majority of public places within four years and increased efforts to encourage smokers to kick the habit.’