Definition of bready in English:



  • Consisting of, containing, or having the taste or smell of bread.

    ‘the crab cakes were a little too bready’
    ‘this delicious beer has a bready flavour’
    ‘bready carb-laden foods’
    • ‘This humble meal is a classic, full of hearty meat and potatoes, and baked into a thick bready crust.’
    • ‘The chicken fried steak was pretty straightforward; breaded cube steak that wasn't overly bready, which we like.’
    • ‘Yeast labs have a distinctive smell - a bready scent familiar to bakers and brewers.’
    • ‘Look for a wheat beer with lots of bready and malty notes and a medium-hop profile to give you the right kick.’
    • ‘Supper consisted of the aforementioned soup and very thick bready sandwiches.’
    • ‘This bold, bready, raspberry flavoured Champagne exudes class.’
    • ‘The company's salads and sandwiches filled a weak spot in our food scene - coffee shops and cafeterias that made do with bready croissants and plastic-wrapped paninis.’
    • ‘When you slice the croissant in half, it looks bready, dense like a brioche.’
    • ‘The judges thought her salmon sliders on little rolls were too tame and also too bready.’
    • ‘Another bready appetizer you may be able to find is a baked pretzel twist with a spicy brown mustard.’