Definition of breadstick in English:



  • A long, thin, crisp piece of baked dough.

    • ‘He ordered two cheese pizzas, breadsticks, water and three chicken soft tacos.’
    • ‘Look how happy they are with their bottomless salad and breadsticks.’
    • ‘Our breadsticks are called grisini in Italian and this area is famous for beef and veal.’
    • ‘The next meal to be served was a salad as well as breadsticks.’
    • ‘I still hadn't decided what I wanted when the waitress came to take our drinks and drop off some salad and breadsticks.’
    • ‘We are having roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, breadsticks, and salad.’
    • ‘After ordering a large pepperoni pizza and breadsticks, Roman turned his attention back to his friends.’
    • ‘The garlic breadsticks that they had out as appetizers were delicious.’
    • ‘She is also fond of risotto, mild goat's cheese, olives, breadsticks and pitta bread, especially if she can dunk them in some creamy hummus.’
    • ‘‘Fettuccini Alfredo, Caesar salad, and breadsticks,’ Mom was saying to Ashley when I walked in the door.’
    • ‘Add in a little more water or milk if the soup is too thick, reheat if the soup is too cold, and serve in pretty bowls, with a thick slice of fresh country bread or crispy Italian breadsticks.’
    • ‘If you don't want to skip the bread course entirely, ask for whole-grain bread, rolls or breadsticks.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, standards like unlimited refills of the family portion garden salad and breadsticks help reinforce the idea of sharing among families, said Setta.’
    • ‘That is, until tomorrow when I inform Jon that the only thing I can fathom eating and keeping down is all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks.’
    • ‘All entrees come with unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks!’
    • ‘And I guess we'll just order pizza and breadsticks for dinner.’
    • ‘It adds robust flavor to focaccia, homemade breadsticks or quick breads such as biscuits or scones.’
    • ‘Our waiter brought us a basket of fresh baguette, warm onion rolls and some sublime spiced, herbed breadsticks that were baked on the premises.’
    • ‘We eat it with breadsticks, descendants of the biscotto, the twice-baked everlasting ship's biscuits that kept a trading empire alive.’
    • ‘The nuts, olives and breadsticks are a nice touch.’