Definition of breadfruit in English:



  • 1The large round starchy fruit of a tropical tree, which is used as a vegetable and sometimes to make a substitute for flour.

    • ‘Native-grown breadfruit, mango, soursop, pawpaw, and cashews are regarded by some locals as less desirable food.’
    • ‘The starch component, which is referred to as ‘real food,’ is usually taro, yams, sweet potatoes, or manioc but may consist of tree crops such as breadfruit, bananas, and nuts.’
    • ‘We lunched at Black Point, on smoked herring, vegetables, breadfruit, and the most unforgettable coconut dumplings, all provided by our good Sailor.’
    • ‘There may not be many people of my age who are still around and remember the old days when a hops bread the size of a large breadfruit sold for one penny and two could be purchased for three cents, and it was even cheaper by the quart.’
    • ‘I have been carrying some breadfruits for her in the last two weeks as she and her family love roast breadfruit as much as we do here at home.’
    • ‘Stories of Marco Polo and lasagna made with flour ground from breadfruit have found their way into the quest for lasagna's origin.’
    • ‘Since food knows no boundaries, here's to breadfruit and star fruit, polenta and perogies - it's all there to be discovered.’
    • ‘Starches include various kinds of yams, dasheen, eddos, bananas and plantains, sweet potatoes, and breadfruit.’
    • ‘Among the island's abundant fruits are bananas, mangos, breadfruit, guavas, plumrose, coconuts, passion fruits, and pineapples.’
    • ‘The nearby trees tower another 15 or 20 feet overhead, their breadfruits and coconuts dangling almost within reach.’
    • ‘The locals there made wine from cashews, sugarcane, carrots, grapefruit, breadfruit, pineapple, and mangoes, to name only the ones I encountered.’
    • ‘The agricultural sector is made up of cattle ranches and small farms producing coconuts, breadfruit, tomatoes, and melons.’
    • ‘In Jamaica, where there's no Thai food available, she might use breadfruit or yams.’
    • ‘These animals have fed only on the finest tropical fruits (mangoes and breadfruit are their favourites).’
    • ‘Pacific Islander cuisine includes numerous types of fish, fresh fruit like bananas and coconut, breadfruit, cassava (a starchy plant), and sweet potatoes.’
    • ‘Resembling a small breadfruit, noni comes from a hardy tropical shrub that grows with weed-like abandon from Tonga to Thailand.’
    • ‘Finally, she says, it's exciting to have had first-hand experience with tropical agriculture by sampling breadfruit, taro, fresh coconut milk, and lychees just picked from a tree.’
    • ‘Farmers can harvest avocados, bananas, breadfruits, mangoes, and oranges, as well as medicinal plants, rubber, and timber.’
    • ‘People also enjoy salads and fruit desserts of mango, papaya, breadfruit, and pineapple.’
    • ‘Madi delved back into her bag and came up with three breadfruits.’
  • 2The large evergreen tree which bears breadfruit, which is widely cultivated on the islands of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

    Artocarpus altilis, family Moraceae

    • ‘This rampart is now colonized by coconut palms, pandanus, and breadfruit trees, and I like to sit here in the late after-noons and watch the sea rolling ashore.’
    • ‘The breadfruit tree at my home is bearing like there is no tomorrow.’
    • ‘In 1959, there was a twenty-year-old man who, when seen sitting under a breadfruit tree with an unmarried eighteen-year-old female, had his jaw broken by an irate brother.’
    • ‘There are 12 villas and a plantation house tucked away amid the mango and breadfruit trees offering the ultimate in privacy and relaxation.’
    • ‘Her neighbors became jealous and cut down the breadfruit tree.’
    • ‘Also, the Seventh-day Adventist church at the back of Golden Lane was damaged when a breadfruit tree crashed through the wall and landed on the altar.’
    • ‘The well-known breadfruit tree brought to the island by Captain Bligh in 1793 was first planted here, and its descendants are still to be found in the gardens.’
    • ‘So this person called in to say that a breadfruit tree in their area north of the island had fallen down due to the strong winds.’
    • ‘When Europeans began to explore the Pacific the breadfruit was already being grown throughout the region, although still a newcomer in some islands.’
    • ‘In 1787, the Bounty set out on a voyage to collect breadfruit trees from Tahiti and take them on to the Caribbean, where they would provide a cheap, nutritious food source for the plantations.’
    • ‘In the older islands a larger layer of topsoil has formed, and these islands are covered with coconut trees, breadfruit, and dense shrubs.’
    • ‘The evening sun burnishes the huge leaves of the breadfruit trees.’
    • ‘During the millennia breadfruit has been cultivated, the trees changed with time and place.’
    • ‘I looked up and there, in a part of a breadfruit tree that seemed to be playing host to a nest of termites, was a beautiful Jamaican Woodpecker.’
    • ‘In the Caribbean, the leaves of the breadfruit are used in folk medicine to relieve pain and inflammation.’
    • ‘The breadfruit trees, cycads and tall hardwoods of that forest hide hornbills, sea eagles and monkeys.’
  • 3South African

    another term for bread tree