Definition of breaded in English:



  • (of food) coated with breadcrumbs and then fried.

    ‘breaded scampi’
    • ‘His breaded pork escalopes come tender but crunchy with unctuous buttery anchovies and fried egg, an interesting spin on the Weiner Schnitzel theme.’
    • ‘The new menu, which offers dishes such as sweet and sour chicken and breaded sole, will feature fresh produce rather than processed food.’
    • ‘The meat was breaded and cooked to perfection, served with home-fries and carrots.’
    • ‘Consumers can learn about the use of soy in various foods, such as breaded tofu sticks, soy shakes, and roasted soy nuts.’
    • ‘We decided on the breaded spam, garlic rice, barbeque sauce and iced tea.’
    • ‘Paul lifted the lid off his serving platter to reveal huge pieces of breaded pork covered in sweet-and-sour sauce on a bed of freshly steamed white rice.’
    • ‘We sat on the sea walls, swinging our legs, and filling our mouths with salty, breaded seafood, as we inhaled the salty fresh air.’
    • ‘Not feeling all that hungry, I chose to go with the fried breaded peppers stuffed with feta cheese for my main course.’
    • ‘The breaded meat, fried to crispness, is served with mashed potatoes and a simple salad on the side.’
    • ‘Stay away from packaged prepared breaded meats as well as processed meats to a large extent.’
    • ‘The katsudon is a deep-fried and breaded pork cutlet served with a sauce that has a dark, rich flavour somewhat like a tangier steak sauce.’
    • ‘The lightly breaded lemon chicken was crisp, tender and well-matched with a refreshingly more-tart-than-sweet lemon sauce.’
    • ‘They were covered in a fine, breaded crust and came with a garlicky dip - very tasty.’
    • ‘Try its breaded bananas to get your night off to a great start.’
    • ‘He saw that the hotboxes held breaded chicken strips.’
    • ‘They have wonderful calamari, pale as dawn light, scantly breaded, quickly fried, and just as buoyant as a breeze.’
    • ‘And these recipes look delicious: spicy Indian fried fish, breaded pork steaks, fried onion rings, and sweet potato fritters.’
    • ‘Your bar is clean, smart, funky and sells wonderful breaded mushrooms and decent draught beer.’
    • ‘The dish consisted of five or so chicken medallions, slightly breaded and liberally seasoned, on a bed of creamed spinach.’
    • ‘I also had deep-fried breaded mushrooms as a starter, which I wasn't overly impressed with as it was very generic and not very Indian.’