Definition of bread pudding in English:

bread pudding


mass noun
  • A rich, heavy cake or pudding made from pieces of bread soaked in milk and baked with eggs, sugar, dried fruit, and spices, eaten hot or cold.

    • ‘Hot bread pudding with vanilla rum is better than any other I've ever tried.’
    • ‘Better to try the very respectable coconut cream pie or dizzyingly rich maple bread pudding.’
    • ‘There's a decent version of flan with a hard, almost enameled caramel top, and a somewhat leaden guava bread pudding made heavier by a layer of plantains.’
    • ‘Four of us duked it out over a single piece of surprisingly likable Key lime pie, the house bread pudding having sold out by 5 p.m.’
    • ‘Finally the last ticket comes in, and I plate the pineapple ganache, bread pudding and crème brulee at record speed.’
    • ‘When you hear people talk about crawfish etouffe, bourbon-cured salmon, red rice, sweet potato creme brulee or praline bread pudding, the mind automatically goes to either the Low Country or New Orleans.’
    • ‘Some, like the moist, fruit-studded bread pudding molded into individual cupcake form, are stunning.’
    • ‘Dessert was warm chocolate bread pudding with 12-year-old Glenfarclas, which tastes of sweet sherry.’
    • ‘There's also a hopped-up version of banana bread pudding and a delicious-sounding but ultimately failed variety of pot sticker stuffed with diced apples and overly sour goat cheese.’
    • ‘Old-fashioned bread pudding served with caramel or lemon sauce is a dessert that brings back memories of mother bustling around in the kitchen.’
    • ‘All too often, bread pudding is too heavy and solid, but I could have gone for another slice of this stuff.’
    • ‘Lucky for me, I've made bread pudding before and it's pretty easy.’
    • ‘We shared chocolate bread pudding (which tasted like a soulless brownie) and apple crumb cake which was a depressing affair.’
    • ‘To serve, invert a timbale of bread pudding on to the center of a plate and remove the timbale mold.’
    • ‘As a dessert lover, I applaud the apple crisp and banana-and-white-chocolate bread pudding.’
    • ‘Five dollars will get you a rich disc of bread pudding made with buttery pieces of brioche, and a crowd of fat, rum-soaked raisins.’
    • ‘Desserts here have been a weak link, from a tough-crusted fruit tart to tough-skinned profiteroles to a too-goopy bread pudding.’
    • ‘Chocolate-cherry brioche bread pudding manages to be simultaneously chewy and light, none of its rich flavors insisting too hard.’
    • ‘Other desserts include bananas or papaya in caramel and cream sauce, bread pudding with custard, coconut or banana tarts, delicious coconut sorbet, and a mean coconut nougat.’
    • ‘For dessert, there's a blood-orange mousse, served like a Napoleon between wafers of orange tuile, and there's also a wedge of bread pudding soaked in Portuguese brandy.’


bread pudding