Definition of bread bin in English:

bread bin


  • A container for keeping bread in.

    • ‘Among the nation's arbiters of taste, what you keep in your bread bin is far more fascinating than what's in your shoe rack.’
    • ‘That's right, buddy, the bread bins have been raided and toast has been prepared.’
    • ‘Decanting washing powder into a vintage enamel bread bin will mean no more wrestling with noisy packaging that could upset your serene cleansing environment.’
    • ‘Sailors were assigned to messes, each of around ten to twenty-five men, and equipped with a stowable table, cutlery, plates and a bread bin.’
    • ‘It's more rounded at the corners these days, but it's still essentially a big bread bin in which to keep your family fresh.’
    • ‘I love them more than anything in the world, but that doesn't mean I don't feel guilty about hiding them at the bottom of my bread bin.’
    • ‘Only mouldy heels to be found in the bread bin, so I have no choice but to venture into the outside world unless I want to wither away.’
    • ‘He decided eventually, remembering that there was still half a loaf of bread in the bread bin and he could have it on toast, which was always nice.’
    • ‘I saw the kitchen full of familiar gadgets; the expensive chrome toaster that somehow only ever did one side of your bread, and the old enamel bread bin my sister got from one of the rummage shops she could never be dragged out of.’
    • ‘I spent an hour or so lying in bed contemplating those pictures you see of mouse plagues in Australia and understanding finally why it is that people get bread bins.’
    • ‘I stood at the toaster staring at the empty bread bin.’
    • ‘We now have the mixing bowls, whisk, lemon squeezer, measuring spoons and bread bin.’